July 17, 2010 5:05 pm

We salute Crystal Renn‘s entry into the MDC Top 50 Models ranked at #36. Crystal has of course always been #1 in our minds, but all the same the significance of this ranking is not lost on us. We’d be hard pressed to name another model in the Top 50 who cuts even remotely a similar figure to Crystal and for a model who dreams of expanding narrow runway size standards this is all the more significant. Crystal’s Top 50 ranking has been a long time in the making, but after having garnered her first major fall campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier it was all but inevitable.

Crystal Renn enters Models.com Top 50 at #36 (Photography: Matthias Vriens-McGrath)

Crystal Renn enters Models.com Top 50 at #36 (Photography: Matthias Vriens-McGrath)


11 thoughts on “Crystal Renn Enters Models.com Top 50

  1. Is this girl overweight?? <a>Here is Crystal in a bathing suit looking plus size — now can she really fit in this category? Granted, she is very beautiful and plus-size in other photo shoots, but in <a>this link for Ford Models> she is bangin' just the same, but in a skinny way.

  2. C'mon models.com – back to back editorials in Vogue Paris? They weren't in subsequent issues – unless they didn't print in June or July AHEM

    Otherwise, love her, just wish all the ruckus over her size/weight would go away.

  3. Say what you want. Plus or not. SHE IS DAMN BEAUTIFUL and she has the look that most agencies want. Those skinny high fashion models was at 1 point in time the 'general requirment" for high fashion models. Guess what? If you have poise, class, personality, and LOOKS. The agency/individual will be banking on Ms. Renn's potential profits for the future. If she was ever Guam, she will be represented very well. She is the look of 2010 – give it up folks!

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