August 18, 2010 4:57 pm

Ford’s Karmen Pedaru features in a lengthy introduction photographed by Camilla Akrans to the Harper’s Bazaar September 2010 fall editorials. Suzy Menkes sets the tone for the approaching fall season in the accompanying text by stating uncontroversially that the economic climate has brought back a certain sensibility to fashion. To that end gone are impractical articles that are either too mannish or “girly,” read age inappropriate. The coming fall season is opting for security, but also hedging its bet for better times with geometric silhouettes, modern “techno” fabrics, and plenty of camel coloring, though not necessarily all at once.

The shoot styled by Brana Wolf reflects the nod to austerity that Menkes mentions and thusly places the 5’10″ (178 cm) Estonian Karmen in a sun drenched residential construction site vaguely somewhere out west. Is the home still being built, has the funding been exhausted, is a foreclosure immanent? Difficult to say, but it provides a near perfect and uncluttered frame for the sort of rich textures and neutral colors that are to reign this season. We’ll have to wait for the shows in September to even hazard a guess at whether or not the metaphor of the partially-built house is completed, razed, or stayed come spring 2011. Until then, take it away, Karmen… .

Further credits include hair by Shon; makeup by Wendy Rowe for Burberry Beauty; manicure by Jenna Hipp for Votre Vu; production by Jeremy McGuire for GE-Projects; prop styling by Colin Donahue. Images derived from scans by teacakes at TFS.

Karmen Pedaru | Harper's Bazaar Sep. 2010 (Photography: Camilla Akrans)

Karmen Pedaru | Harper