The List: Jenny Wong’s Better For You Beauty Products
The List
May 23, 2012
The List: Jenny Wong’s Better-for-You Beauty Products

“These beauty products are honest, plant based, and chemical free,” Jenny Wong (Ford Classic) assures. A certified hydrotherapist, Wong is a graduate of New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so promoting good from the outside in (or the inside out, in the case of her favorite liquid chlorophyll shot) is a full-on lifestyle choice, not some passing diet fad.


In fact, Wong is turning her expertise into a business. The model is coming out with her own all-natural skincare line using food-grade ingredients like almond oil, sage and Himalayan salt that will deliver a one-two punch of cleansing and nourishing. Committed to offering top-quality products, Wong is heading to the deep jungle of Peru to research new ingredients, while her production team gears up for the line’s launch. Until then, here are her clean-living favorites.

Photos: Courtesy of (portfolio), (nail polish), Suvana Beauty (balm), (oil)