September 2, 2014 1:43 pm

It wasn’t long ago that Ford Direct’s Alex Knight was showing off the best activewear of the summer during Mercedes Benz Swim Week, and now she’s back with the best selection for fall in Athleta’s new campaign. Shot by James Macari and styled by Estevan Ramos, Alex has a knack for making athletic pieces look both comfortable and fashion-forward. We can’t wait to see what this girl will be wearing come spring.

Slide Show

  • 137667_012_FOXT_LS_VITAL_51_F14_JM_011
    Model: Alex Knight [Ford Direct]
  • 138243_012_WHI_MKTG_18_F14_x5170
    Model: Alex Knight [Ford Direct]
  • 138467_012_CEGY_MKTG_28_F14_x5604
    Model: Alex Knight [Ford Direct]
  • 138619_012_DRHE_LS_8_F14_JM_062
    Model: Alex Knight [Ford Direct]
  • 581507_002_WHI_LS_111_F14_JM_271
    Model: Alex Knight [Ford Direct]

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