August 7, 2014 2:47 pm

Looking at a Massimo Dutti campaign is like spending a day with the upper echelons of Italian society, and Ford Men’s Shaun and Matt are a part of it for the brand’s F/W 2014 campaign. Shot by Mario Testino and styled by Beat Bolliger, Matt and Shaun spend an idyllic day at the beach that feels pulled from a Fellini film. With cable knit sweaters, chiseled cheekbones and windswept hair, these guys are picture perfect.

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  • 284338-800w
    Models: Shaun DeWet & Matt Terry [Ford Men]
  • 284339-800w
    Models: Shaun DeWet & Matt Terry [Ford Men]
  • 284340-800w
    Models: Shaun DeWet & Matt Terry [Ford Men]
  • 284341-800w
    Models: Shaun DeWet [Ford Men]

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