March 26, 2010
Dâm-Funk Interview Special

Fashion and music are inseparable. They’ve been playing off each other well before David Bowie recorded the tune “Fashion” or Duran Duran sang “Girls on Film.” With this in mind we will occasionally feature interviews with people in fashion and music that embody the qualities that we so admire. ‒ Ford Models Blog Editor

What comes to mind with you think funk? Silver platform boots and star-shape sunglasses? OK, maybe. Now what comes to mind when you think modern funk? If you’re drawing a blank, then we’d like to pass the mic to one modern funkster straight from the Funkmosphere…enter Dâm-Funk. Dâm-Funk née Damon G. Riddick is a Los Angeles based producer and musician who hasn’t so much dusted off funky records from decades past (though he is an accomplished DJ) as he has kept living the funk from the day the mothership went into orbit. To this end last last year Dâm-Funk has released a 2xCD and 5xLP called Toeachizown on Stones Throw Records, which realizes funk in wholly modern ways through the use of electric analog instruments. Funk isn’t a fashion, it’s a way of living and with that, we give you the Dâm-Funk Interview Special.

Purchase Toeachizown from Stones Throw or the iTunes Store today.