August 1, 2014 1:42 pm

August is here, so in the waning summer days has attempted, with the help of Ford Image’s Lexi, to brace us for the approach of autumn. In a shoot by Charlotte Wales with styling by Alex Harrington, Lexi shows off F/W 2014 work shirts from JW Anderson, Marc Jacobs and Suno. Thinking about the slow descent into winter may still be cringe-worthy, but with a smile and a bit of mascara, Lexi makes it a bit more bearable.

See all the looks here.

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  • N59qqMvurqusFxiySkiuViwWNtPdKJPvBzuuYghLaXA
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
  • 59D5xv0nG5AAqfLzYjZhe3KqcyBoDGV0aLe20c2Bsfg
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
  • fawfVo2d6beBt1j5OwrvBRNS-f2tvXacREQnWYazMwU
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
  • qDUE45sYp3Uw4gOi5b07gbBUTT5mR0kPYA-imzp1esE
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]

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