December 23, 2011 9:59 am

In economic circles the acronym BRIC refers to Brazil, Russia, India, and China, four nations which are at a similar stage of advanced economic development and are poised to assume an unassailable position of global dominance in the coming years. BRIC countries are a juggernaut in other words. One quarter of this big four, Brazil, in recent years has started coming into its own economically, but for decades has boasted a cultural cachet of beauty, music, and sport. The former, beauty, is thoroughly evidenced in the two volume, fourth issue of Made in Brazil Magazine featuring Evandro Soldati, Fabrício Bach, Francisco Lachowski, and Rafael Lazzini, all of Ford Men. The magazine as ever ever all but dispenses with superfluities of graphic embellishment and presents full-bleed images with minimal text on richly printed oversize paper stock. There is an endearing forward, typed with handwritten edits, by Bruce Weber in which he expresses his admiration for the work of Made in Brazil editor Juliano Corbetta and photographer Stewart Shining. “Thanks Stewart, Juliano & MADE IN BRAZIL for bringing Rio [de Janeiro] back home to all of us in the States, and your magazine makes our hearts beat faster than any Samba during carnival.” Could not agree more with Weber’s sentiment, which only serves to underscore the looming stature of the first nation in the BRIC country acronym, not to mention the irresistible allure of Evandro, Fabrício, Francisco, and Rafael.

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Credits include: Publication, Made in Brazil Magazine #4 Vol. I 2011; Photography, Stewart Shining; Fashion, Gregory Wein; Grooming, Gianpaolo Ceciliato, Garrett for Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes, Benjamin Thigpen; Makeup, Glenn Marziali, Jessie Crafts, Sergio Corvacho; First photography assistance and digital operation, Justin Marquis; Photography assistance, Ken Morton at Pier 59 Studios, Rodrigo Calazans at Beach; Digital, Perry Lassin at Pier 59 Studios; Retouching, Regis Panato at Phototouch; Models, Evandro Soldati, Fabrício Bach, Francisco Lachowski, Rafael Lazzini.

Publication, Made in Brazil Magazine #4 Vol. II 2011; Title, “Evandro Soldati”; Photography, Cristiano Madureira; Editing, Juliano Corbetta; Clothing, Model’s own; Model, Evandro Soldati.