May 19, 2014 5:43 pm

The last time we wrote about Ford Men’s Justice on the blog, he was home on the range within the pages of CR Fashion Book. For the newest issue of GQ Russia, Justice heads to the shore in an editorial photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Ekaterina Melnikova. Whether navigating a jetty in Louis Vuitton or canoodling in the dunes in Gucci, Justice seamlessly melds into this modern interpretation of Americana.

Slide Show

  • Justice-Joslin-for-GQ-Russia-1
    Model: Justice Joslin [Ford Men]
  • Justice-Joslin-for-GQ-Russia-2
    Model: Justice Joslin [Ford Men]
  • Justice-Joslin-for-GQ-Russia-3
    Model: Justice Joslin [Ford Men]
  • Justice-Joslin-for-GQ-Russia-4
    Model: Justice Joslin [Ford Men]
  • Justice-Joslin-for-GQ-Russia-5
    Model: Justice Joslin [Ford Men]

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