July 15, 2013 11:47 am

Both Justice Joslin and Travis Cannata appear in editorial stories for Man of the World issue No. 4. Styling by Fashion Director Julie Ragolia.

Joslin’s plain white T-shirt and compelling gaze maintains a mysterious simplicity in “The White T” photographed by Mariano Vivanco. In “Rough Trades” photographed by Steven Pan, Travis Cannata offers a fall preview including one photo reminiscent of early photography: black and white in tones and a prominent capture of the side profile.



Slide Show

  • Justice Joslin "The White T"
    Photography: Mariano Vivanco
  • Travis Cannata "Rough Trades"
    Photography: Steven Pan
  • Travis Cannata "Rough Trades"
    Photography: Steven Pan
  • Man of the World No. 4 Cover

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