May 10, 2012 2:32 pm

Casting decisions for the Interview May 2012 athletic swimwear story by photographer Mikael Jansson and stylist Karl Templer must have been anything but ambiguous. The reason has something to do with the editorial’s aesthetic: black and white, modern, clean, 1936 Summer Olympics, etc, which could not have been more tailored to Calvin Klein campaign model Matthew Terry (Ford Men) than were it to come directly from the Calvin Klein, Inc. offices at 205 West 39th Street. That is not to take anything away from this series of starkly beautiful portraits that are a testament to the Matthew’s Olympic physique. The Garden State native maintains fidelity to his Calvin Klein campaign by wearing their swimwear throughout the entire story. Such is Matthew Terry’s arresting presence on the page that his fellow Olympians are inevitably relegated to silver and bronze.

Credits include: Publication, Interview May 2012; Title, “Olympiad”; Photography, Mikael Jansson; Styling, Karl Templer; Hair, Eugene Souleiman for Wella Professionals; Makeup, Mark Carrasquillo; Manicure, Yuna Park at Streeters; Models, Matthew Terry at Ford, Constance Jablonski at Marilyn, Suvi Koponen at Next, Myles Crosby at Kim Dawson, Nicklas Kingo at VNY; Set design, Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY; Construction, Creative Engineering; Production, North6; Photography assistance, Pierre Persson, Clay Gardner, Shaun Hartas; Styling assistance, Jessica Mycock, Juan Acosta; Hair assistance, Pamela Baumgartner, Hiro Watase, Charles McNair; Makeup assistance, Emi Kaneko; Props assistance, Colin Roddick, Kenny Komer; Casting, Michele Lee at KCD, Inc. Retouching, Gloss Studio New York; Special thanks, Steiner Studios.