April 13, 2012 1:43 pm

Before Crystal Renn (Ford) went triple platinum she had a respectable career as a brunette. Believe it or not, but it is true and this story from Vogue Hommes International 15 Spring / Summer 2012 with agency compatriot Ryan Burns (Ford Men) is a testament to said fact. Titled “Black,” the story by photographer Robert Longo and stylist Anastasia Barbieri does what it says on the tin by way of a 16 pages of high contrast black and white portraiture that catalog some of the darker and more violent moments between people. To that end (Slide 1), Crystal opens the predominately male (this is Vogue Hommes, mind) story by wearing a Lanvin stretch silk top as she drags away what is presumably the story’s first casualty. Turn the page (Slide 2), a contemplative Ryan Burns adopts the iconic Western door frame silhouette pose wearing a leather jacket with denim lapel and leather boots by Dsquared, cotton T-shirt by Eleven, and a pair of denim jeans by Guess Jeans with a Kiliwatch vintage belt. Several pages deeper (Slide 4), a vanquished Crystal is carried in Ryan’s arms. He wears a cotton trench coat, dry wool and leather waistcoat, cotton poplin shirt and dry wool trousers by Paul Smith and a Lanvin necktie. She wears a slik crepe dress and silk tulle bra by Calvin Klein Collection and a pair of leather stilettos by Christian Louboutin. Black though the title may be, the editorial shines brightly through Ryan Burns and Crystal Renn.

Credits include: Publication, Vogue Hommes International 15 Spring / Summer 2012; Title, “Black”; Photography, Robert Longo; Styling, Anastasia Barbieri; Hair, Rolando Beauchamp; Makeup, Frank B; Set design, Rob Beach; Styling assistance, Ylias Nacer.