June 16, 2011 8:50 am

MILANO, Italia (16 June 2011) — After having waited somewhat impatiently for Muse to reach the shores of Manhattan, this morning I made up my mind and wasn’t wasting no more time. Upon collecting my luggage and clearing customs at Malpensa I went again on my own and immediately trooped over to the newsstand and duly purchased Muse Number 26 Summer 2011.  Then tweeted about it and a half dozen other things. Turns out at €14,00 the issue is a tremendous value for serving up three different stories that include Ford girls, the first of which by Mariano Vivanco featuring Ford’s Sigrid Agren will be discussed here. Titled “That’s Right,” the Beth Fenton-styled story charts a big hair safari back to the 1980s with the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre fragrance contract model playing the starring role. The story’s tone is set almost immediately with Sigrid wearing for her opening look a Malin Landaeus Vintage denim jacket, Charlie by Matthew Zink one-piece swimsuit, Tom Binns earrings, and full volume hair by Peter Gray. The styling is certainly a departure from Sigrid’s Numéro 123 editorial by Viviane Sassen, which presented her in the rarefied light of the French Riviera. By contrast, this story channels the combined spirit of an aerosol can of Aqua Net® and a Whitesnake cassette tape, which despite being possibly the furthest cry from the salons of Paris Sigrid nevertheless firmly grasps and, that’s right, delivers with aplomb.

Credits include: Publication, Muse Number 26 Summer 2011; Title, “That’s Right”; Photography, Mariano Vivanco; Fashion editing, Beth Fenton; Hair, Peter Gray for Moroccan Oil; Makeup, Francelle Daly; Prop styling, Christopher Stone; Casting, Melissa Batsel for Batsel Creative; Digital, Phillip Gutman; Photography assistance, Charles Quiles, Maximillian Menacher, Joseph Paquette; Fashion assistance, Rebecca Dennett, Janine Rhodes; Image source, Fashion Gone Rogue.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zorWhx-rork&w=510&h=310&fmt=18&rel=0]A Muse Magazine Film by Mariano Vivanco (Direction: Luca Finotti)