August 19, 2011 5:10 pm

The barrier to Ford Models Blog entry on a Friday afternoon in late August isn’t all that daunting so long as the subjects in question include Ford’s Valerija Kelava, photographer Richard Burbridge, T Magazine, and cats. If yes to all four, then hit the publish button! Tuesday morning saw the aforementioned collide for a fall beauty trend report titled “Year of the Cat” by Sandra Ballentine about a fully lined, feline eye, otherwise known as the “cat eye.” Strictly speaking, the cat is not included in the Chinese Zodiac, though it does loosely correspond to current year, the year of the rabbit. In any event, there is the Missoni F/W 2011 campaign model looking all cat-eyed and exquisite wearing a Versace coat and Louis Vuitton hat. Curiously, however Ballentine makes no mention of the cat-editorial trend previously featured on this page.

To read far more substantive analysis including which products to use to create your own cat eye, please visit T Magazine.

Credits include: T Magazine 16 August 2011; Title, “Year of the Cat”; Photography, Richard Burbridge; Fashion editing, Sara Moonves; Hair, Diego da Silva for Wella Professionals; Makeup, Lisa Houghton at Jed Root for YSL Beauté; Model, Valerija Kelava at Ford.

Valerija Kelava | T Magazine 16 August 2011 (Photography: Richard Burbridge)

Valerija Kelava | T Magazine 16 August 2011 (Photography: Richard Burbridge)


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