February 18, 2014 11:00 am

Ford Men’s Zhao stars in a sophisticated and moody shoot inspired by the cult film In The Mood For Love for Vs. Magazine’s newest issue. Photographed by Laspato Decaro and styled by Vibe Dabelsteen, pieces from Calvin Klein, Burberry and Hermes help to complete Zhao’s classic look.

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  • 03_LD_Vs-6537_05re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]
  • 04_LD_Vs-6620_05re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]
  • 05_LD_Vs-6704_05re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]
  • 07_LD_Vs-6824_05re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]
  • 08_LD_Vs-6915_04re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]
  • 09_LD_Vs-6980_05-2re
    Model: Zhao Lei [Ford Men]

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