January 30, 2014 5:31 pm

Jake Davies, James Collins, Matt Clunan, Christopher Folz, Morgan O’Connor, Russell Brandi, and Taylor Ashmore [Ford Men] walk for Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2014 collection in New York.

Slide Show

  • Lauren_007_1366.450x675
    Jake Davies | Ralph Lauren
  • Lauren_008_1366.450x675
    James Collins | Ralph Lauren
  • Lauren_012_1366.450x675
    Matt Clunan | Ralph Lauren
  • Lauren_018_1366.450x675
    Christopher Folz | Ralph Lauren
  • Lauren_019_1366.450x675
    Morgan O'Connor | Ralph Lauren
  • Lauren_025_1366.450x675
    Russell Brandi | Ralph Lauren
  • polo ralph-lauren-mens05_ Taylor
    Taylor Ashmore | Ralph Lauren

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