February 9, 2014 2:50 pm

For Alexander Wang‘s first showing in Brooklyn, featuring Ford Image’s ZuzuLexi BolingAshleigh Good and Joanna Tatarka, the designer took the audience to the mountains. New face Zuzu climbed Wang’s summit in her first-ever exclusive for the brand, epitomizing the Wang girl with slicked back hair and a cool blue coat fit for the Rockies.


Slide Show

  • _ARC0164.450x675
    Zuzu for Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014
  • _ARC0481.450x675
    Lexi Boling for Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014
  • _ARC0354.450x675
    Joanna Tatarka for Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014
  • _ARC0335.450x675
    Ashleigh Good for Alexander Wang FallWinter 2014

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