September 24, 2013 4:00 pm

Our models seriously documented their NYFW journey, tagging #FORDNY along the way. Follow them around the big apple from backstage makeup to late night castings as they capture their NYFW lives one Instagram photo at a time [part 2].


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  • 15-Joanna_Joanna_Tatarka
    @joanna_tatarka "@janehowelli #yolo"
    Photography: Joanna
  • 2-Henna Hennalintukangas
    @Hennalintukangas "Fluffy"
    Photography: Henna
  • 4-Kate Goodling_KateGoodling1
    @Kategoodling1 "It's party time! #not"
    Photography: Kate Goodling
  • 20-Miriam_Miriamhaney
    @miriamhaney "Cute for castings"
    Photography: Miriam
  • 17-Emily R_Emrata
    @emrata "Little @stellamaxwell"
    Photography: Emily R
  • 5-Kate Goodling_KateGoodling1
    @kategoodling1 "Peeking around the curtain #AlexanderWang"
    Photography: Kate Goodling
  • 9-Jane_Janehowelli
    @janehowelli "Having fun"
    Photography: Jane G
  • 11-Mily_Milyreuter
    @milyreuter "Oh boy, I'll miss these girls!"
    Photography: Mily
  • 12-Ashleigh Good_Ashinstagood
    @ashinstagood "Good morning New York"
    Photography: Ashleigh Good
  • 21-Asia M_Pizzasia
    @pizzasia "Shenanigans at Model lounge"
    Photography: Asia M

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