May 22, 2013 10:09 am

It is quite possible to get the skinny of what’s going on in a person’s life just by following them on Twitter or Instagram. Even though our models and artists are constantly sharing their stories with us, it is even better that we can actually see their stories on said networks. From photos on set to photos at the beach, our models give us an inside look at their every day life which we are sharing with you!

And of course, keep up with our own Ford-arazzi shots on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Aaron O'Connell Q&A with the Cast #haveandhavenots
    @aaronoconnell "Q&A with the cast of #havesandhavenots"
    Photography: Aaron O'Connell
  • Clint-Macy's hair and makeup chair
    @realclintmauro "Hair and makeup chair"
    Photography: Clint Mauro
  • Loving my #katespade bag thanks to mamma Schill!
    @schillian "Loving my #katespade bag thanks to mamma schill"
    Photography: Madison Schill
  • Isaac Carew
    Photography: Isaac Carew
  • Kaela Humphries Some fun from the crazy weekend at EDC!
    @kaelahumphries "Some fun from the crazy weekend at EDC"
    Photography: Kaela Humphries
  • philomenakwao My first time wearing Mac face and body no9! Absolutely love this foundation!
    @philomenakwao "My first time wearing Mac face and body no.9. Absolutely love this foundation!"
    Photography: Philomena Kwao
  • WHereisfenix #B2B all night long
    @whereisfenix "#b2b all night long"
    Photography: Martin Pereyra
  • rosecordero Loving the hair and makeup
    @rosecordero "Loving the hair and makeup"
    Photography: Rose Cordero
  • jakemadden3 Shooting on teh beach today
    @jakemadden3 "Shooting on the beach today"
    Photography: Jake Madden

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