April 19, 2012 10:30 am

The fordPROJECT gallery held an opening Tuesday night for “Form and Fancy,” a solo exhibition of Chinese ink paintings on paper by Russian-born artist Valentina Battler. The self taught painter—who is also a classically trained concert pianist—was on hand for the showing of the Asian-themed artworks, whose subjects varied from dueling beasts and Samurai warriors to tranquil landscapes and delicate figures. For more information on Battler’s work, click here.

Click through the slide show below for images from the opening.

Slide Show

  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_11
    The artist, Valentina Battler, with two of her Chinese ink paintings
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_01
    "Flamenco," left, and "Orchid"
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_02
    A long view of the gallery space
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_15
    Atmosphere on the terrace
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_03
    "Pink and Blue Paris"
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_22
    Paulette Ellison, Don Loskot, Andrea Rinaldi
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_06
    Dr. Igor Alexandrov examines "Waterfall"
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_08
    Jean-Paul Quashie, Arisce Wanzer
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_05
    "Autumn Apple"
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_16
    Anika Gakovic, Irena Dzomba
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_04
    "First Snow"
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_12
    The artist greeting well-wishers
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_17
    Katya Starodubtseva, Yumi Igarashi
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com
  • Valentina-Battler-solo-exhibition-FORM-and-FANCY_19
    Oceana Mahoney, Marcela Carvalho
    Photography: Aaron/BFAnyc.com

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