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Occasionally we sit down with models from decades past to look back on their modeling careers. With the help of Patty Sicular, Vice President, Director of Ford Models’ Archives, we will bring you the story of the models that made history with Ford Models. ‒ Ford Models Blog Editor

Bonnie Trompeter modeled with Ford Models for a period spanning the years between 1965 and 2006. She got her modeling start in 1958 with a cover and inside feature for Life magazine and years later was introduced to Eileen Ford through a mutual friend. Throughout Bonnie’s career she was photographed by Richard Avedon, Hiro, Francesco Scavullo, Art Kane, Rico Puhlmann, F.C. Gundlach, and Michael Doster amongst others. Campaigns for Clairol, Cover Girl, Johnson & Johnson, Ivory Soap, Parliament cigarettes, Calanese, and Avon cemented Bonnie’s place with leading beauty and consumer brands of the era. Numerous editorials for Seventeen, Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping also confirmed Bonnie’s versatility as a model.

When asked about a formative experience in modeling, Bonnie was unequivocal. “Being on American Bandstand,” she explained, “when I was fourteen for Seventeen magazine.” Not only was Bonnie on live television, but she also spoke to host Dick Clark during the program!

Today Bonnie splits her time between Long Island and Costa Rica with her longtime husband Norm Lowe. She has two children, Christa and John, and three grandchildren, Charlotte, 10, Will, 7, and Henry, 3. Bonnie enjoys painting watercolors, yoga, gardening, and riding in Costa Rica.

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  • bonnie-trompeter-2
    Bonnie Trompeter | Seventeen January 1959
  • bonnie-trompeter-3
    Bonnie Trompeter | Ingenue
  • bonnie-trompeter-11
    Bonnie Trompeter | Life
  • bonnie-trompeter-16
    Bonnie Trompeter | Bride
  • bonnie-trompeter-19
    Bonnie Trompeter | HairDo
  • bonnie-trompeter-23
    Bonnie Trompeter | Halo Shampoo
  • bonnie-trompeter-27-jean-loup-sieff-paris
    Bonnie Trompeter, Paris
    Photography: Jeanloup Sieff
  • bonnie-trompeter-34
    Bonnie Trompeter | Noxzema
  • bonnie-trompeter-44-martex
    Bonnie Trompeter | Martex
  • bonnie-trompeter-46
    Bonnie Trompeter
  • bonnie-trompeter-64-miss-clairol-march-1969
    Bonnie Trompeter | Miss Clairol March 1969
  • bonnie-trompeter-66-hairdo-mag-1-september-1966
    Bonnie Trompeter | HairDo September 1966
  • bonnie-trompeter-311
    Bonnie Trompeter | 7 Up

21 thoughts on “A Look back with Bonnie Trompeter

  1. Dear Bonnie,
    It was such fun working on this with you… I have never seen a model’s career like yours… You look different in every single photograph… and Gorgeous in all…

  2. All of these are so cool. I LOVE seeing the earlier pix. It’s even better when you have a recent pic at the end. It’s funny hearing how (so far) most of the ladies have NORMAL lives now! Great work, Patty. Love Shari

  3. Bonnie Trompeter is the last word in the “All American Girl”
    Always so perfect,with such ease!
    Such a pleasure to work with,and such a wicked wit!!
    Peggy Palmer

  4. Bonnie, Excuse the old cliche, but you are as beautiful inside as you are outside. These are beautiful photos. Your one of the great natural beauties. By the way, Bonnie is a fabulous artist. I’ve seen her work. She’s a pro. What a multi talented lady she is. Hugs, Barbara Clement Gould

  5. Fabulous pictures of such a beautiful woman!
    What a wonderful way to keep in touch!
    Best wishes to you Bonnie!
    Eugenia McLin

  6. Bonnie, I can’t get over these..I remember so many of them growing up..and one isn’t cuter than the other..they are all so adorable..so full of life and elegant..as you are…thanks for sharing them with me..love rose

  7. Bonnie,

    thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos with me and with us all. I adore you. You are a true beauty because it is within and glows from within out to us all. I love the different looks from a sweet kid to audrey hepburn to veruska–love that cover and the hair!! gorgeous hair.

    you did it all– thank you so much.

  8. To know you as I do and to understand certain things, to appreciate the shared experiences, to witness honesty, grace and beauty; such gifts. A living example of beauty being far beyond skin deep.
    Love, Larry
    PS: Jeanloup Sieff is one of my favorite photographers.

  9. Bonnie, It took me all this time to look at this & it is truly wonderful — I remember most of it — you are so beautiful in all ways — hope to see you in Southampton —
    will forward this to Michael Doster as he now has email —
    you may know that as well , best to you,Sue

  10. Hi Bonnie, We were so young! You are beautiful in these photographs and it is a joy to recall our friendship and all the time we spent together. You are truly kind and it comes through in your smile. Thank you for being there for me when I recently called. Your life sounds wonderful, I hope it is, and you deserve the best! Love, Helaine

  11. Bonnie, you worked in the industry when it was very different than today. I respect you, and remember seeing your ads and covers. “We’ve come a long way, baby,” but not far enough.
    Peace + love from Atlanta, J

  12. How beautiful the photos,
    but more important,
    as beautiful inside as you are outside.

    As a broadcaster I’ve had people say,
    ‘I liked you before I knew who you were-‘

    and as a friend I can say,
    I knew how beautiful Bonnie is, before I knew who she was!

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