December 5, 2013 1:02 pm

Jeff Tomsik went to an open call for models on the Cleveland radio, and the rest, they say, is history. At 19 years he appeared as the face of Hollister, the next year Abercrombie and Fitch. A favorite of Bruce Weber, who used him for numerous editorials and campaigns, Jeff’s life did a 180 degree turn in a matter of months. Almost a decade later, we revisit some of Jeff’s favorite shots, and he gives us a few behind the scenes (and hilarious) anecdotes behind the timeless images.

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  • Jeff Tomsik
  • Jeff_Tear04re
    "This was shot by Bruce on the land of Merc Pharmacuticals which basically takes up half of South Carolina. There were guys riding around behind us on horses. All the guys were really cool, we got to play football during our breaks."
    Photography: Bruce Weber
  • hires-1188932-1269355708origkate3
    "This was for a special edition within Vogue featuring Kate. I was her "campaign" boyfriend. There's a photo where we were shooting in Florida at Bruce's guesthouse, and we were supposed to be rolling around together on the grass like boyfriend and girlfriend and suddenly this pain starts, we were both covered in fire ants!"
    Photography: Bruce Weber
  • Jeff_Tear07re2
    "Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca had us canoeing on a lake in DC. It was maybe 90 degrees out and of course I am dripping with sweat. He kept teasing me and of course the "angry face" becomes the photo on the posters."
    Photography: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca
  • Jeff_Tear03
    "You have to remember, this was my second shoot ever and I was working as a garbage man at the time, and everyone got angry because I had to leave a day early to go back to my job. I thought that was my steady paycheck. Working with Kate was great, she is such a cool person! You would think someone that famous has an attitude, but she is very sweet and calm and fun."
    Photography: Bruce Weber
  • img254re-2
    "I go from being a garbage man to working with the best brands and photographers in the best magazines, and Bruce has me taking out his garbage for Interview Magazine. Haha!"
    Photography: Bruce Weber

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