August 8, 2013 1:00 pm

Between French club meetings, being a student ambassador and attending concerts (she has been to 12 this year alone) Skye Daru is also a Ford Chicago model, a musician and a singer. Determination is key for this triple-threat and with a Ford modeling contract, recording agreement with Irresistible Recordings and the release of her namesake EP album that was released August 1st under her belt, there is no doubt we will see more from this 14 year old wonder.

When did you first realize you had a talent for singing?  There wasn’t an exact moment when I realized that I could sing. I was just one of those kids who would be singing all the time. My first talent show was in fifth grade where I covered Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, which was the first time I actually put singing and playing the piano together.

Do you think there is a similarity between modeling and performing? Modeling and performing are two things that both involve presentation. Not only do you have to work in front of other people, but also both tasks require actually expressing yourself to that crowd. It’s almost like putting on an act.

What are you most excited about for your career? I look forward to collaborating with new faces and hopefully venturing out to new places. I am a girl who loves to travel, especially out of the country, so if that ever happens for music one day, I would be over-the-top ecstatic.

I will be performing at Double Door in Chicago for Mobfest on August 9th, which I am very pumped about.  My first live performance in the windy city!

It seems like you play a lot of instruments. How did that all begin?  I started learning piano at the age of about five and a couple years later began taking lessons, which I still take now. During 5th grade, they introduced us to band class it was required that in order to play drums you would need to have taken at least two years of piano. It seemed that the two instruments were interconnected so I signed up! I don’t take guitar lessons but I can pick up chords here and there, as I can with my Ukulele.

What is your personal style? I would say that I kind of have a hipster/rock look but some days I will dress in a totally different style; muscle-tees, patterned/colored shorts, anything black and/or with fringe and spiked boots.

What is it that you love about modeling? My favorite thing about modeling is having the chance to see myself in multiple ways. Not just the clothes or the makeup, but it’s the whole transformation that stuns me. Sometimes, when I look at my modeling photos I think to myself, “is that really me?”.

But, apart from that I enjoy meeting and working with new people and models. All of the photographers, make-up artists, stylists, crew and models that I have worked with are all so friendly and not to mention funny. They make me forget that I’m at my job but moreover to just be yourself and enjoy it! ♦


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 Story and interview by Ford’s Talia Fabrizio


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