July 31, 2013 2:27 pm

John Lindquist Directs Spring Summer: A Tale of Two Models on the Amalfi Coast for Nowness. “It’s a reflection on the time I’ve spent as a fashion photographer, noticing how models have to deal with ageing and loss of beauty,” says the British photographer and director John Lindquist, whose debut narrative short stars Belgian beauty Delfine Bafort alongside Texan model-of-the-moment, Ashley Smith: “Ashley’s got the lightness and the beauty, where Delfine brings something more deep, from innocent to experienced.”

“Spring Summer captures the troubled leads at crucial points in their respective careers, each exploring and reassessing their identities. Set in and around the luxurious Le Sirenuse Hotel, in the village of Positano on Italy’s Almalfi coast, the location is reflected in the film’s changing and dramatic moods.” Read more and watch the short film here.




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