September 8, 2011
Das Racist Answers Ford Models Questions F/W 2011

If you’re still waiting for that priority standing assignment to that très spécial fashion show late Tuesday evening on some far-flung, super exclusive rooftop pier with a runway finished in sustainably harvested panda fur and fair-trade Angolan diamonds personally selected by staff subcontracted by an art dealer who once studied creative advertising at Leeds College of Art a few years after Damien Hirst graduated, then instead you would do well to just plain relax. Fact is, the shows will come and the shows will go, but it is down to you to remain cool, calm, and collected throughout Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012. To that end, your quest to seek balance in the midst of tumult will be aided in no small part by the September 13 release of the full length record Relax by rappers Das Racist. Having previewed on this page Paul Rowland‘s show package, Ford Vol. III and tweeted and retweeted respectively links to packages from Ford Men and Ford Women, I am well aware of the demands this eight-day week will pose in terms of covering the newsworthy movement of over 100 models—think national air-traffic control, but with gorgeous models instead of airliners. Therefore, any calls to relax will be heeded starting today with a video reprise of the immensely popular “A&Q” (answer and question) segment this page did with Das Racist last summer.

Since last summer’s rendezvous with Heems (Himanshu Suri), Kool A.D. (Victor Vazquez), Dapwell (Ashok Kondabalu), and Lakutis (Aleksey Weintraub), Das Racist has released a second mixtape, Sit Down, Man, gone to China, been featured in Interview August 2011, where they were profiled by Matt Diehl and photographed by Steven Pan wearing stylish separates by Jeremy Scott x Adidas, T by Alexander Wang, and Commes Des Garçons among others, and even recorded that new record I mentioned in the first paragraph. It has been, in other words, a fine year for Das Racist and the queue to jock these thoroughly deserving rappers is going to continue wrapping around the block until it chimerically consumes itself. Before that could happen, however, I invited the group back to the agency on Fifth Avenue to find out about its new album, Relax, the members’ thoughts on Christian Dior, plus-size male modeling, Watch the Throne, and host of other non sequiturs. Heems, Dap, and Lakutis accepted the invitation while Kool A.D. joined the session via fax machine. And in case you’re curious, à la Outsourced, about the proximity of the Indian members of the group to the pile of office phones that provide the backdrop for this segment, then please don’t ask—das racist.

Listen to Das Racist Relax on Spotify now until it is released Tuesday, September 13, for purchase on LP, CD, and download.

Credits include: Title, “Das Racist Answers Ford Models Questions F/W 2011”; Subject, Das Racist; Video/photography, Damien Neva; Special thanks, Biz3.

Das Racist Answers Ford Models Questions F/W 2011 (Video: Damien Neva)

Das Racist visits Ford Models (Photography: Damien Neva)

Das Racist visits Ford Models. (Photography: Damien Neva)

Heems answers a call at Ford Models (Photography: Damien Neva)

Heems answers a call at Ford Models. (Photography: Damien Neva)

Dapwell & Lakutis place calls at Ford Models (Photography: Damien Neva)

Dapwell and Lakutis place calls at Ford Models. (Photography: Damien Neva)