November 19, 2013
More than Modeling: Nate Young Makes Beautiful Music

What could be better than an incredibly sexy model who happens to be a supremely talented musician in a successful rock band? An incredibly sexy model who is a supremely talented musician in TWO bands of course. Nate Young’s lean physique, perfectly sculpted cheekbones, and rockabilly style makes him a perfect fit for say, Hedi Slimane slim cut suit as well as rough around the edges Rag & Bone denim.  But he fits even more perfectly behind a drum set with the anthem rock band Anberlin he’s played with since 2002. A blend of alternative and arena rock, Anberlin is the kind of music best heard in a top down convertible on full volume. The thoughtful lyrics meld perfectly with the clean yet cacophonous riffs. Five albums in, they have carved out an incredibly diverse discography. And that’s just the first of Nate’s musical endeavors. His second project, Carrolhood, shows the true diversity of his musicianship. It takes a darker, more melodious turn from Anberlin- an ambient bass line remnant of Belle & Sebastian or Catherine Wheel. Their newly release three song EP is a must listen, which you can hear on bandcamp, right after going to  and downloading the new vinyl Devotion. Whether music or modeling, it appears Nate is just going to keep getting bigger and better.