January 7, 2011 9:24 pm

The last time we rapped about Cesare Paciotti it was in the context of a bearded Aric Wiser looking well contemplative for the F/W 10 menswear campaign. Today, however the Italian luxury brand known for its shoes, leather goods, and that dagger takes a turn for the gorgeous by featuring Ford’s Anna Jagodzinska in their S/S 11 campaign by photographer Mariano Vivanco. Bathed in late afternoon sun Anna brings to the campaign an arresting elegance that hearkens back to an earlier, more sophisticated era. If you’ve been buzzing around this page in since Tuesday, then you will no doubt recognize Mariano’s name as it was he who shot Dolce & Gabbana Uomini. For this campaign by Mariano Vivanco, however the only boys that will come even remotely close to it are the many suitors vying for Anna Jagodzinska’s attention.

Credits include: Client, Cesare Paciotti; Campaign, S/S 11; Photography, Mariano Vivanco; Casting, Melissa Lee Batsel at Batsel Creative; Image source, tFS.

Anna Jagodzinska for Cesare Paciotti S/S 11 (Photography: Mariano Vivanco)

Anna Jagodzinska for Cesare Paciotti S/S 11 (Photography: Mariano Vivanco)


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