June 30, 2010 10:28 pm

Fashion For Passion is a non profit, utilizing the creativity of the fashion industry to create support and funds for children in the arts and music.

If ever there were a photograph to ignite passion or, better yet, fashion for passion, then it’s the below shot of Crystal Renn by photographer Nicholas Routzen for his booster campaign for children and the arts. You too can have this silk-screened tank top for two fives & a twenty by visiting Nicholas’s nonprofit Fashion for Passion online store. Please also visit the blog of Nicholas Routzen.

Crystal Renn for Fashion for Passion (Photography: Nicholas Routzen)

Crystal Renn for Fashion for Passion (Photography: Nicholas Routzen)


24 thoughts on “Crystal Renn | Fashion for Passion

  1. Inevitably, she looks absolutely gorgeous, but that’s really Crystal Renn?? Maybe it’s the way the lighting is in the picture, but she looks thinner. Way thinner than when, at least to me, she first became really iconic.

  2. Sadly I have to be negative here but – YES she looks so thin, that is a bummer.
    And this Routzen dude is the most self-serving arrogant fake piece of shit, this passion for fashion thing is really his little show, don’t fool yourself.

  3. I think she looks stunning, who cares if she is thinning out, its never intentional she is just an active and sporty girl who has a busy life. Her body its taking the shape it naturally wants to.

    I do think the lighting has slimmed her down a little and the pose and lens used might add to this.

    Get a god damn life people with nothing positive to say

    Either way she is a fox.

  4. How do we know this is a recent image? Maybe it’s one from her modeling days when she use to starve herself to an unhealthy size for her natural frame. Regardless, whether plus or not, if this is a new photo, I hope she’s not putting starvation strains on her system again. My money is on it being an old pic. Tee hee hee hee. I agree with Teer Wayde, “Either way she is a fox.”

  5. Dag mensen, jullie hebben allemaal echt wel gelijk Ze ziet er vet gaaf uit. In English: I agree. She looks nice.

  6. Wow, if any of you seriously think she looks starved or underweight in these photos then you really have lost perspective of what a healthy female body size looks like.

    She looks stunning and lush, just like a model of any size should!

  7. I don’t care for the inspiration behind these images (doesn’t seem appropriate for a “campaign for children”. But I always enjoy seeing Crystal… thick or thin. I naturally prefer her thick side but she’s had an active year.

  8. In a country where 2/3 of the population is overweight, not to mention the percentage of those that are obese, it’s good someone’s losing weight.

    She looks great!

  9. This is a link to the photographer, Nicholas Routzen’s blog about it, with video footage from the shoot as well as the photos in question, both the retouched and the un-retouched. Clearly he is very open about the entire experience of shooting with her, says she was a beautiful model to work with, and, in my opinion, she looks stunning (and healthy) in both the footage and all of the images.


  10. That’s not photoshop, that’s wide angle lens distortion… he shot from a high angle (you can see her looking UP into the camera), with a wide angle lens turned vertical. Had the same camera been turned horizontal and at a low angle, she would be complaining that he made her look to fat.

  11. she recently came out about the recent photos making her look thinner then usual, she said one of them was digitally altered and one of them was taken from a certain angle, and both photographers admitted to this, so don’t worry people, crystal’s still got it

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