November 10, 2010 1:38 pm

This story surfaced on the MDC Daily Feed last Friday and ever since the Ford Models Blog has been itching to see the editorial in full. We’re of course talking about the Numéro 118 editorial featuring Ford’s Dafne Cejas photographed by Greg Kadel with styling by Elizabeth Sulcer. Titled “Ceci est un titre” or “this is a title” en anglais the story pictures the stunning Argentinian in velvety black & white wearing twelve different looks with a decidedly nineties flair courtesy of some full-bodied hair styling by Frank B. Simply breathtaking. The issue has yet to reach the shores of Manhattan, but when it does we’ll buy at least a half dozen copies — please do the same.

Credits include: Publication, Numéro 118 November 2010; Title, “Ceci est un titre”; Photography, Greg Kadel; Fashion editor, Elizabeth Sulcer; Hair, Duffy; Makeup, Frank B.