January 12, 2011 10:37 am

It takes ages to reach the New World, but once it arrives zhis Deutsch Magazin is a veritable cage teeming with life. Dodgy metaphors aside, Zoo Magazine #29 is upon us and Manhattan newsstands as well! The last issue’s cover story featured Ford’s Daiane Conterato, but this issue brings us an editorial with Dafne Cejas photographed by Dancian. Titled “Only Angels Have Wings” the Argentinian is pictured in a variety of post-angelic ensembles styled by Jo Baker. Dafne’s opening look, coat dress and leggings by Yohji Yamamoto and rings by Vivienne Westwood, sets the tone of the rest of the story, which save for a colorful Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress leaves the onus of vividness to Dafne’s fuchsia-colored hair.

Credits include: Publication, Zoo Magazine #29 2010-2011; Title, “Only Angels Have Wings”; Photography, Dancian; Stylist, Jo Barker; Hair, Tomihiro Kono at Balcony Jump using L’Oreal Professional; Makeup, Nicky Weir at GCAgency using MAC Pro; Image source, tFS.