August 5, 2010 12:08 pm

The interweb is a curiosity in its ability to completely outpace print. It isn’t even a contest because by the time you have a magazine in your hands the pictures will feel 6-8 weeks old after having seen them endlessly on TFS and Tumblr. We’ve no problem with either as both are incredible platforms of communication. Nevertheless, the Ford Models Blog prides itself in commenting in a meaningful way on the latest campaigns, editorials, and news of its talent and gladly leaves firsting to others who do it incredibly well.

Which brings us to Guapo Summer Issue No. 3, an issue that not even my Ford Men colleagues have a single copy. Thankfully, however there is Carl Barnett at The Fashionisto to share pictures from this entertaining biannual not least of which include Ford Men’s Francisco Lachowski in an editorial photographed Marley Kate and styled by Ian Bradley. The 6’2″ (188 cm) Brazilian was last photographed by Kate for Vanity Teen, which we’re confident none of our readers have forgotten. This story, however has Marley shooting Francisco on Coney Island’s boardwalk where he does his utmost to make even the most reserved Brighton Beach Russian slightly less uncheery. The rest of the pictures are as sunny and playful and until you actually have your own copy of Guapo, then you ought to toggle over to The Fashionisto to see the remainder featuring Francisco.

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  • fl_guapo-1
    Francisco Lachowski | Guapo Summer Issue No. 3
    Photography: Marley Kate
  • fl_guapo-2
    Francisco Lachowski | Guapo Summer Issue No. 3
    Photography: Marley Kate

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