May 6, 2013 4:00 pm

Two years ago, Edythe Hughes created Project Model Tee (PMT), a non-profit organization providing a platform for fashion models to showcase their art in order to benefit charitable causes.  “PMT encourages models to use their time in fashion as an education,” says Hughes. “To value the creative experience and use it for their future.”

PMT is currently working to benefit RAIIN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, by hosting an event including a musical performance by Ford Men’s Madison Stewart as well as a silent auction.

Support Edythe and other participating Ford models as they join together to raise money for a good cause! But first, check out some photos from last year’s PMT event at Hudson Terrace.

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  • 20121025_5862
    (PMT Founder) Edythe and Daniel Lu at the PMT Event 2012
  • Unknown-3
    Yaris and Daniel Lu at the PMT Event 2012
  • Unknown-1
    Sadie at the PMT Event 2012
  • 20121025_5946
    (PMT Founder) Edythe Speaks at the PMT Event 2012
  • Unknown-2
    Bryce at the PMT Event 2012
  • Unknown
    Yaris Bids On Art at the PMT Event 2012

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