August 27, 2014 12:37 pm

Today we’re beyond excited to present the 3 finalists for our annual model search in conjunction with VMan. Just a few short months ago, Cole Farr, Luke Thorp and Logan Flatte were living regular lives in the Midwest. Now they’ve been photographed by Richard Burbridge and styled by Nicola Formichetti for VMan 32 (on newsstands September 2014).

After reviewing the photos, we still couldn’t make up our minds, so we signed all 3 and flew them in to NYC to try their hands on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Keep an eye out for these guys on the catwalk, and head on over to VMan’s site for one-on-one interviews with these fresh young talents.

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  • Luke Thorp
    Model: Luke Thorp [Ford Men]
  • Cole Farr
    Model: Cole Farr [Ford Men]
  • Logan Flatte
    Model: Logan Flatte [Ford Men]
August 26, 2014 3:45 pm

Maybe it was when Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first Louis Vuitton collection went down the runway, or maybe it was sometime before that. Either way fashion currently has an obsession with the 1960s, and each of Numero’s September covers, 3 of which star Ford Image’s Lexi, perfectly encapsulate that. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld in black and white against graphic backdrops, Lexi is a shining example of a modernized take on swinging London.

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  • lexi2
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
  • lexi1
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
  • lexi3
    Model: Lexi Boling [Ford Image]
August 26, 2014 1:16 pm

Eileen Ford – a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. Her ideas of beauty and professionalism that revolutionized the modeling industry were shaped right here in New York City. Starting out in a third-floor walkup on Second Avenue, Eileen grew her small operation into an international business by treating each girl like a daughter and grooming them to become the best in the world.

That’s what these girls are. Whether they’re covering Vogue Italia, serving as the face of Balmain, or walking the runway for Alexander Wang, each has been cultivated and cared for in the exact manner Eileen would have wanted, readying them for the same level of success as their predecessors. Current Fendi girl and Lagerfeld-muse Ashleigh Good may be missing (she’s preparing for the newest member of the Ford family), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t here in spirit.

And so is Eileen. We can never replace our founder, but we can carry on her sure-footed quest for excellence, grace and beauty. That’s how we’ve gotten to where we are today, and that’s how we’ll continue to do business tomorrow. So take a good look around – this is the future of Ford.

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  • 001
  • 002_Eileen_Ford
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005_Lexi_Boling
  • 006_Lexi_Boling
  • 007_Lexi_Boling
  • 007_Yulia_Musieichuk
  • 008_Yulia_Musieichuk
  • 009_Yulia_Musieichuk
  • 010_Kayla_Scott
  • 011_Kayla_Scott
  • 012_Kayla_Scott
  • 013_Alyosha_Kovalyova
  • 014_Alyosha_Kovalyova
  • 015_Alyosha_Kovalyova
  • 016_Brittany_Veldboom
  • 017_Brittany_Veldboom
  • 018_Brittany_Veldboom
  • 019_Charlotte_Lindvig
  • 020_Charlotte_Lindvig
  • 021_Charlotte_Lindvig
  • 022_Marine_Van_Outryve
  • 023_Marine_Van_Outryve
  • 024_Marine_Van_Outryve
  • 025_Noel_Capri
  • 026_Noel_Capri
  • 027_Noel_Capri
  • 028_Gracie_Van_Gastel
  • 029_Gracie_Van_Gastel
  • 030_Gracie_Van_Gastel
  • 031_Hailey_Baldwin
  • 032_Hailey_Baldwin
  • 033_Hailey_Baldwin
  • 034_Katy_O_Kane
  • 035_Katy_O_Kane
  • 036_Katy_O_Kane
  • 037_Jane_Grybennikova
  • 038_Jane_Grybennikova
  • 039_Jane_Grybennikova
  • 040_Tsecha_White
  • 041_Tsecha_White
  • 042_Tsecha_White
  • 043_Genevieve_Welsh
  • 044_Genevieve_Welsh
  • 045_Genevieve_Welsh
  • 046_Mily_Reuter
  • 047_Mily_Reuter
  • 048_Mily_Reuter
  • 049_Julia_Fuchs
  • 050_Julia_Fuchs
  • 051_Julia_Fuchs
  • 052_Lera_Bubleyko
  • 053_Lera_Bubleyko
  • 054_Lera_Bubleyko
  • 055_Bianca_Hepburn
  • 056_Bianca_Hepburn
  • 057_Bianca_Hepburn
  • 058_Rebecca_Szulc
  • 059_Rebecca_Szulc
  • 060_Rebecca_Szulc
  • 061_Eleonore_Toulin
  • 062_Eleonore_Toulin
  • 063_Eleonore_Toulin
  • 064_Karolina_Lula
  • 065_Karolina_Lula
  • 066_Karolina_Lula
  • 067_Emerson_Campbell
  • 068_Emerson_Campbell
  • 069_Emerson_Campbell
  • 070_Mia_Gruenwald
  • 071_Mia_Gruenwald
  • 072_Mia_Gruenwald
  • 073_Alison_Nix
  • 074_Alison_Nix.
  • 075_Emily_Ratajkowski
  • 076_Emily_Ratajkowski
  • 077_Delfine_Bafort
  • 078_Delfine_Bafort
  • 079_Erin_O_Connor
  • 080_Erin_O_Connor

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