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Karmen Pedaru for Gucci S/S 11

Happy New Year, dear readers. Normally we’d wait until the agency officially opens Monday, but here’s a campaign that we can’t keep in the cupboard for another 24 hours. Let’s get straight into it, then. Having presented three looks including a closer in Milan late September for Gucci one certainly could have counted Ford’s Karmen Pedaru as an odds-on favorite to land the spring campaign. Continue reading

Buzz Osborne Interview Special

Fashion and music are inseparable. They’ve been playing off each other well before David Bowie recorded the tune “Fashion” or Duran Duran sang “Girls on Film.” With this in mind we will occasionally feature interviews with people in fashion and music that embody the qualities that we so admire. – Ford Models Blog Editor Considering the Ford Models Blog conducted this interview in June the only compelling explanation to possibly offer for its late December appearance is that we’re in charitable mood. Continue reading

Linus Gustin | GQ Italia Dicembre 2010

With the agency officially on ice for the holidays until 3 January this marks the first of who knows how many intermittent posts. Fret not, however as we’re not going to allow this page to collect too many tinseled dust bunnies. With our touch and go posting schedule established let’s turn attention to the feature of Ford Men’s Linus Gustin in GQ Italia Dicembre 2010 in an editorial photographed by Matthew Brookes. Continue reading

Anais Mali | Interview Dec/Jan 2011

With little time left on the seasonal clock for agency and industry alike the Ford Models Blog has had to choose wisely which stories to post or pitch. Thankfully the choice couldn’t be easier as Interview has brought the world this incredible Sølve Sundsbø story for their December / January 2011 issue. Titled “Double Vision” the editorial features Ford’s Anais Mali starring opposite Melodie Monrose. Continue reading

Isaac Carew | Twist №7 Decembre 2010

Love Isaac CarewColette, not so much. Or really at all. That a quotation from Chéri by the early 20th Century French novelist born Sidonie Gabrielle Claudine leads this editorial called “L’Envol” or “flight” en français is regrettable as it only serves to distract from an otherwise fine story. Appearing in Twist №7 Decembre 2010 the pictorial photographed by Sam Tobad and styled by Lee Holden air guitars on the aerial from styling to movement. Continue reading

Ana Claudia Michels | Elle UK Jan. 2011

Ford’s Ana Claudia Michels doesn’t so smolder as she burns down whatever town in which it is you’ve temporarily sought refuge from forest fire — hot in other words. If that convoluted simile wrapped up in a metaphor doesn’t suit your fancy, then perhaps her feature in Elle UK January 2010 in an editorial photographed by Simon Burstall will. Continue reading

Ford Men | Made in Brazil Magazine 2

When the second-ever issue of a periodical reaches Manhattan newsstands and it features an agency’s model after having put another of said agency’s models on the inaugural issue’s cover, then it’s time to open WordPress and draft a new post. We’ll spare you further Y2K era self-referentiality and cut to the chase, viz., Made in Brazil Magazine 2 features about a zillion Brazilians, many of whom are Ford Men! To recap, Made in Brazil Magazine 1 featured Evandro Soldati on the cover and Made in Brazil Magazine 2 now features Francisco Lachowski on its cover. And it’s not only Chico who features in the “Sports” issue, nay, there’s also Max Motta, Jean Carlos, Natan Machado, and Rael Costa! Continue reading