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Ethan Covers Interview Magazine’s Activist Issue

AGE: 26.

OCCUPATION: I am a portrait photographer documenting the current downtown kids. I’ve always wanted to make some sort of a positive impact with what I do; I just never knew how or where to start. After working for David Armstrong, I fell in love with the work he did of his friends in the ’70s and ’80s. They were still living in his pictures, and I wished so badly these people were still walking the streets of New York. I then decided to quit photographing models, made business cards, and hit the street looking for subjects who shared this originality. I was extremely lucky, as one of the first people I approached was Hari Nef.

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FORD Artist’s Tonya Noland: How to get the look

Ford Artist’s Tonya Noland is one of the best, and we had her explain how she was able to produce this stunning lip look on our very own Jessica Wall. Captured by Sammy Reed.

Step 1 

Apply Pink Poodle lipgloss on both lips

Step 2

Then take your lip brush (covered in MAC clear lipglass) and dip it into pure gold pigment and paint the top lip

Step 3

Then press your lips together gently to spread the gold evenly

And you’re done! If you get a chance to try this out post your photos to Instagram and tag @FordArtists & @Fordmodels!



Ford Direct’s Lauren Walshe launches Celiac And The City

Going gluten free was not something I decided for myself, but instead it was forced upon me. I knew the dreaded celiac diagnosis was coming when I started developing symptoms in my early twenties, around the same time my sister and relatives started to react to gluten as well. Thankfully we live in a day and age where going Gluten free isn’t a challenge. There is now an abundance of food for celiacs and new gluten free products are continually being made available – you just have to know where to look and what to look for.

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Ford takes the Fashion LA Awards!

Ford Men’s Brad Kroneig and his sons, Hudson and Jameson, attended the Daily Front Row’s Fashion LA Awards last night at the beautiful Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles! Accepting the Fashion Icon award for his godfather Karl Lagerfeld, Hudson got some tips from none other than Lady Gaga moments before his big speech. Also in attendance was Ford Women’s Kenya Kinski-Jones who looked absolutely stunning in a Sass & Bide jumpsuit! Check out the pictures from the night below.

Zuzu Draws For Vogue!

Fresh off the runway from the Fall/Winter 2016 shows, our very own model, artist, and writer Zuzu Tadeushuk worked with Vogue to show what life is like for a model in Paris during fashion week. If you haven’t checked out Zuzu’s blog, Mind the Gap, a look into life for the model during her gap year from college, you’re certainly missing out! Check out her drawings below and keep an eye out for this artist on the rise.

#WCW Ford Paris!

Founded just two years ago, the Ford Paris office is already establishing itself as a heavy hitter in the Paris agency scene! Representing some of the most unique beauties in Europe, the team had a stellar Fall/Winter 2016 season with girls like Roos, Zoe, Myriem, and Luisana taking the runway for some of the biggest designers. In case you missed it, here’s some pictures of the girls from Ford Paris doing their thing!

Ford in Paris!

Once again, we bid adieu to another great Paris Fashion Week.

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Tyg, Luisana, Roos, Philippine, Zoe Clara 3000, Zoe, Kim, Jane, Zuzu (to name a few) all took to the runways for some of the biggest shows this season including Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant, Chanel, Miu Miu, Margiela, Chloe, and much much more!

When they were off the catwalk, we had just as much fun! Whether it was running through the Tuileries, having a rendezvous in the Marais for lunch, or simply driving past the Eiffel Tower on the way to a show–it’s always such an exciting time in the City of Lights! Though the weather was crazy at times (hail, snow and sun all at once!), Paris is always beautiful when you’re with beautiful Ford girls!

Check out our #PFW recap vid below…and we’ll see you next season 🙂

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Aurelien Muller for Dolce & Gabbana

Ford Men’s Aurelien Muller looks flawless in Dolce & Gabbana’s new #Italiaislove campaign. Explore Italian cities in Dolce & Gabbana’s campaign and follow their hashtag as they bring Italian culture to the world. Check out the photos below and follow their hashtag for exclusive content. Photos captured by Domenico Dolce