March 5, 2010 11:52 am

VMAN has announced the finalists for the VMAN FORD MODEL SEARCH: Ford Smith, Luke Briggs, Michael Wozniak, and Nicholas Madrid. In a couple weeks these four will be photographed by Terry Richardson for VMAN 18 and the winner will feature on the cover. Past VMAN searches have produced Petey (VMAN 11), CJ Hancock & Jake Madden (VMAN 13), and most recently Rico Nieves (VMAN 16). We’re looking forward to the shoot in a couple weeks and cannot wait announce the winner.

Special thanks are due to VMAN for making this search possible and of course to everyone who applied and voted.

Please visit VMAN to see their finalist announcement.

Slide Show

  • dsc00284
    Ford Smith | VMAN Finalist
    Photography: Via vman
  • dscn1808
    Luke Briggs | VMAN Finalist
    Photography: Via vman
  • img_3822
    Michael W. | VMAN Finalist
    Photography: Via vman
  • img_0150
    Nicholas Madrid | VMAN Finalist
    Photography: Via vman

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