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 photo FINAL_BANNER_zpsf00c5ea2.jpg
Monday October 24, 2011 1:35 pm

Video interviews have all but become standard fare on this page. The medium makes complete sense when it comes to framing what models do best, look beautiful. Still, though different assignments require different media, which was the case when I approached Ford’s Delfine Bafort for an interview. The Belgian sat down with me and my vintage cassette recorder at a café near the agency in late August to discuss her playing opposite actor and filmmaker Vincent Gallo, modeling on Paul Rowland‘s board, and life at this thrilling moment in her long career.

Monday October 24, 2011 10:30 am

It is perhaps not surprising that a video campaign that panders to populism by featuring models dancing awkwardly to a nearly three year old radio hit would be rated so highly in the first Fall 2011 wrap-up of its kind, but this is the interweb “2.0″ world in which we live. Nevertheless, it is heartening to see the excellent video treatment for Prada Fall 2011 by Steven Meisel featuring Antonia Wesseloh and Ondria Hardin not to mention Gareth Pugh‘s arresting use of Crystal Renn for his Spring 2012 pre-runway show video also make the top ten billing.

Friday October 21, 2011 4:41 pm

That the title of the above video “Who Says Models Can Only Pose?” is a rhetorical question does not also mean the subjects contained therein do not deign to answer it. In fact, over the course of nearly five minutes 15 models from Ford Models Los Angeles New Faces don’t so much answer the question as make a bold statement of intent about their depth and breadth of talent.

click to see all the new faces

Friday October 21, 2011 2:24 pm

Every month W answers the who, what, where, when, and why of the world of style or at least that’s what it announces along the upper edge of the cover to the right of its italicized one-letter title. Leading off the November issue’s what section is a story photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Giovanna Battaglia that features Ford’s Alana Zimmer, Hannah Holman, and Ming Xi. Titled “Reverse Commute,” the story poses a question by asking “who says the suburbs are boring?”

Thursday October 20, 2011 12:59 pm

When it comes to languages I don’t speak (all of them), perhaps there is none more welcome than Italian. Whether it means stumbling through the lunch menu at Villa d’Este or the match day program at the San Siro, Italian is fine by me. The same is also true for “reading” Vogue, ahem, the Italian edition that is. The elegant October volume serves up a wintry peach of a cover story by Steven Meisel that features a trio of models from Paul Rowland‘s board including Corinna Ingenleuf, Delfine Bafort, and Emma Balfour.

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