May 21, 2012 12:20 pm

When it comes to summer, everyone has her own agenda. Some crave a secluded cove, others revel in having the run of an emptied-out city, and still others want to get moving—in their own backyards or in an adrenaline-issuing outdoor exploit. With that in mind, we made this summer’s shopping guide site-specific: Wherever you go, you’ll have something to wear. The only question is, are you a Bohemian Beach Bum, an Urban Explorer, a Constant Gardener, or an Action Adventurer?


If, like us, you’re a bit of all four, feel free to mix and match. Who says a beach bum doesn’t need a bespoke bicycle, or that a country girl wouldn’t love a pair of chic, wide-leg trousers? Whatever your destination, click through to find your ultimate summer wardrobe.



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