March 18, 2011 11:49 am

A fortnight ago I mentioned the ck one Fragrance S/S 11 campaign featuring Ford Men’s Bo Ackerson. If you haven’t heard of the campaign, then you have either been an unwilling guest of the Potomac River resort in Quantico, Virginia or you’re not a regular reader of this page. The truth is that campaign is as massive as its “global” billing suggests and benefits in no small part from the role played by Bo and a cast of twenty-nine other distinctive men and women including Ford’s Valerija Kelava. The Steven Meisel campaign shoot spanned four days during which time subjects were placed under filmed observation in the ck one Fragrance laboratories. It wasn’t all lab rats and mazes, however as the models were free to hang out, skateboard, play table tennis, strum guitar, and pretty much do whatever they fancied so long as they were available to be filmed, photographed, and recorded for another signature blue-chip campaign from Baron + Baron.

I had a chance to speak with Bo earlier this week about the ck one Fragrance campaign and his already wildly successful modeling career. What is evident from speaking with him is that he very much plans to keep his feet on the ground rather than lose himself to what he perceives to be some of the more sordid aspects of the fashion industry. To that end, Bo keeps a healthy boundary between work life in New York and home life as a university student in Alabama. I believe it is this boundary that has helped Bo escalate his career in the dramatic manner it has. There is a refreshing air about Bo that is immediately palpable, one which has captivated the likes of Bruce Weber, Mariano Vivanco, and most recently Steven Meisel.

Expect to see a lot more of Bo Ackerson in the coming months, but in the mean time have a look at his latest digitals and short video, the first in a series I am calling “Speaking with Ford Models.” Also pop over to the newly redesigned to view Bo Ackerson’s official Ford Models portfolio.

Credits include: Publication, Ford Models Blog; Title, “Speaking with Bo Ackerson”; Model, Bo Ackerson; Division, Ford Men; Interview/text, Damien Neva; Video/photography, Damien Neva.

Speaking with Bo Ackerson / Ford Men (Video: Damien Neva)