April 27, 2012 12:30 pm

Bianca Warren (Ford Fitting/Runway) would have made an excellent boy scout. Her unofficial motto is “Be Prepared,” which explains the sewing kit she never travels without. “It comes from my grandma,” she explained of her penchant for provisions. “She has everything.” Other practical pieces include facial wipes (Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes)—useful after training runs for the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in San Diego Warren’s prepping for—and a compact gym bag where she stashes all her gear. As for a beauty routine, Warren’s go-to basics are refreshingly laid-back. She swears by Vitamin E moisturizing serum from The Body Shop for its pore-minimizing potential and Nars‘ classic lip gloss for its plump power. “It does that bee-sting thing.” Warren’s prep-perfect change purse, and the bag itself, are perks of dating a window dresser for Rugby Ralph Lauren. Her boyfriend comes up with the brand’s visuals, ensuring that Warren has an abundance of collegiate stripes in her life (she was wearing a polo shirt dress when we snapped her bag). As for Warren’s subway reading, the burgeoning actress is making her way through a classic text on the craft. “This [A Challenge for the Actor] is the Bible for actors. All of my acting coaches have recommended Uta Hagen.” Warren’s current acting coach is celebrity fave Nina Murano, the woman Warren can presumably thank for the broken rosary in her bag (I have to sew it back together for a scene in acting class,” she told us). And for things a needle and thread can’t fix, there’s always Midol—”My best friend.”

Photos: Jaime Yong


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