December 17, 2013 10:17 am

Refined features and boyish good looks, John Hein fits in effortlessly on the runway as he does the pages of magazines. His personal style, polished and dapper with a dash of quirk, makes him a perfect guide for todays “12 Days of Gifting.” In John’s own words, hear what gifting means to him:

“When it comes to Christmas gifts, I am one to truly believe in the ‘It’s the thought that counts’ method. The holidays are the best time to show someone on a deep, meaningful level that you value the relationship you have together. A gift that symbolizes this relationship is a great way to do that.  A shallow, last-minute, consumerist gift is not. This holiday season, give your gifts some real thought. Is there an inside joke that you have together? Is there a guilty pleasure the person has that only you know? Create a gift that only you would give them. Get, or make, something they will have forever, or at least until you break up when summer starts.”

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