July 3, 2014 12:19 pm

Ford Men’s Daniel Liu, Andrew Moore, Tony Chung, Alex Manning, and Yamada get featured in an exclusive portfolio shot by Idris & Tony highlighting the rise of the Asian male supermodel, proving that its not only the girls who can carry the crown. Check out the shots below and head over to Models.com for the full story!

Slide Show

  • 5_Alex_Manning_by_Idris_Ton
    Model: Alex Manning [Ford Men]
  • 3_Andrew_Moore_by_Idris_Ton
    Model: Andrew Moore [Ford Men]
  • 4_Daniel_Liu_by_Idris_Tony
    Model: Daniel Liu [Ford Men]
  • 12_Tony_Chung_by_Idris_Tony
    Model: Tony Chung [Ford Men]
  • 11__Yamada_by_Idris-T
    Model: Yamada [Ford Men]

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