April 4, 2014 1:18 pm

We already knew about Kenya’s [Ford Image] love of horses from her interview with Teen Vogue. In a new feature for CR Fashion Book, the model takes to the water as a modern interpretation of the little mermaid. In the subsequent interview, Kenya talks about working with Karl Lagerfeld and where she sees herself in 10 years. Read it below.

Photography Paul Jasmin

Editor Michaela Dosamantes

Can you describe your experience on set of your first CR shoot?
This shoot took place in the most magical mansion in LA. I remember arriving and feeling like I had actually stepped into a fairy tale. The house has a character that is inevitable to feel. It’s very cool. It was so lovely to watch the other girls get transformed into the avant garde version of their favorite fairy tale characters. On location, every surface was a beautiful vision!

Which fairy tale was your look inspired by? 
My look was inspired by the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid. My look of the wetsuit and the gold top was a modern take on the little mermaid.

What is your favorite fairy tale and why?
My favorite fairy tale is definitely The Little Mermaid. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl. I used to stay in the pool for hours pretending I was a mermaid in the sea! There’s something about the persona of a mermaid that makes me dream. A mermaid exudes an earthy mystery, beauty, and femininity. The mermaid is a figure who derives from the ocean and I find the ocean to be a kind of wonderland that we as humans can’t quite tame.

How do you view the fairy tales that you read as a child differently now that you’re able to fully understand their meaning?
It’s actually very interesting to re-read fairy tales that I loved so much as a child. When I look back at how I remembered the story as a child, I remember being so enchanted and in awe of the stories I would picture in my head. This reminds me to never lose the grasp of my inner child and to always be inspired by the little girl I once was. I always want preserve a part of me that will never grow up!

What is your favorite memory of fashion?
I consider every memory of fashion a favorite in its own way because every experience is different. I would have to say the one that stood out the most was my shot in Harper’s Bazaar which was styled by Carine. Carine was so absolutely lovely with a contagiously fun and innovative vibe. I was just so grateful to be working with Carine and Karl as well as being able to observe their creative process.

  How would you describe your personal style?
I love to combine polar opposites. That’s something I’m attracted to at the moment. I like the clash of a very feminine piece with a boyish piece as well. I like looks that seem effortless and I’m also a fan of minimalist pieces. The best part about fashion is how it evolves and the same goes for one’s personal style, it truly depends on the mood of that day; who do I want to be today? I always say Magdalena Frackowiak is one of my style icons. She always dresses so chic, feminine, and sophisticated.

Can you tell us what you’ve been working on this year and if you have any projects on the horizon?
At the moment I am currently in my third year of college as an English major, so I am focusing on finishing my four year term while also feeding my curiosity and love for the fashion world.

Do you think that there’s any way that your real life resembles a fairy tale?
My life resembles a fairy tale through inspiration and things that make me come alive. Inspiration at its highest form creates a sort of magic in ones life, I believe. Whether it’s a song, a film, or even something I see while walking on the street or a moment. I have always believed it is important to admire the little things in life and to find beauty in the mundane. In this sense I believe my life is like a fairy tale because I try to look for the things that are beyond the surface of an ordinary object or moment or gesture. This allows me to relish the moments in my life. I think it’s my mother who taught me to view the world in this way and to find beauty in what people would initially see as something ordinary. I’m also very much a daydreamer; always off in my own world thinking up the craziest ideas. In that sense, I guess you could say a lot of the time I’m in my own world.

What is the most interesting thing about you? 
One of the most interesting things about me was my decision to stop eating meat at the age of 8. I’ve always had an abnormal connection with animals. They are such pure and honest souls; they fascinate me. I grew up having all sorts of animals and especially had fallen in love with the world of horses. I have had a very deep love for nature and animals since a very young age.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I could come up with so many scenarios for this. I see myself perhaps working for a magazine or working with animals as a researcher. I have always been an absolute animal lover and I’m attracted to ways that I can turn that love into a career that would improve the quality of life that animals have on this planet. I’m also a lover of print and photographic journalism, so working for a magazine would be a fun and ideal way to live out that passion. I have so many interests that I have yet to discover in action. The future is one big mystery for, me but I’m definitely excited.”


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