March 18, 2013 1:21 pm

It’s happening again. For the 7th time, Ford is teaming up with VMAN Magazine in search of a new face to not only appear on the cover of VMAN’s 30th issue, but also sign a contract with yours truly, Ford Models.

Wait! That’s not all.

The winner will be shot by designer and photographer (drumroll please) Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is considered fashion royalty, as he has not only collaborated on books, films, radio and oh-so-much-more, but also runs three major fashion houses (Chanel, Fendi + namesake brand, Karl Lagerfeld).

Browse the covers of some of our previous winners below. Enter the #vmanfordsearch (as we are calling it on Twitter) here

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(Finalists will be chosen mid-May 2013)

Slide Show

    VMAN/Ford Winner Joseph Dolce for VMAN 28 Winter 2012/13
    Photography: Mario Sorrenti
    VMAN/Ford Winner Matt Terry for VMAN 23 Fall 2011
    Photography: Steven Klein
    VMAN/Ford Winner Clark Cord for VMAN 23 Fall 2011
    Photography: Steven Klein
    VMAN/Ford Winner Michael W for VMAN 18 Summer 2010
    Photography: Terry Richardson
    VMAN/Ford Winner Luke Briggs for VMAN 18 Summer 2010
    Photography: Terry Richardson
    VMAN/Ford Winner Jake Madden for VMAN 13 Spring 2009
    Photography: Peter Lindbergh
  • 13B_CJ_VMAN
    VMAN/Ford Winner CJ for VMAN 13 Spring 2009
    Photography: Peter Lindbergh
    VMAN/Ford Model Search 2013

48 thoughts on “VMAN Magazine/Ford Model Search

  1. Richard Rocco !!!!The most best tatto model..perfect face perfect body perfect all…dont thing about…Richard for sure..!!!

  2. Im a massive fan of Richard Americo Rocco he is the full package, he has the looks an he isnt the normal run of the mill model he has something different, his eys are intense and the ink is lovely too, his physique is great not too muscly just perfect he should win he is perfection <3

  3. Michael orsini is an amazing person, great brother and friend his pictures are amazing, and his heart is even better

  4. RICHARD ROCCO should definitely win coz he`s simply outstanding! He`s nothing like plain-looking models, plus he can kick ass! ;) Girls LOVE hot guys with tattoos! INK NOT MINK!

  5. Wow. Richard Rocco should def. Win!! He totally can rock any look & make it a Winner..!! He's not even showing much skin, but still yet can take amazing shoots.. He's a Winner in so many other ways not just by his looks or pose, but by his personality & the person he is..

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