February 7, 2012
Watch: Douglas Perrett / COACD Interview Special

The hashtag is a method of indexing a particular tweet on the microblogging service known as Twitter. Douglas Perrett, founder and creative director of COACD, coined one such hashtag, #WildThings, for a series of digitals shot by casting and photo director Kathy Lo. The hashtag proved so popular that it migrated out of its digital substrate and into the realms IRL publishing to become the title of a new monograph chronicling a decade of casting Polaroids by Douglas Perrett.

I had an opportunity to speak with Douglas about the Polaroid series and the changes he has seen throughout the ten years of casting that it spans. During the interview Douglas shares anecdotes about his first encounters with Hanne Gaby (Ford) and Travis Cannata (Ford Men). Wild Things is a limited-run (250 copies) publication, which is being made available to clients and colleagues of COACD.

Credits include: Video, Damien Neva; Subject, Douglas Perrett at COACD; Book title, Wild Things; Photography and concept, Douglas Perrett; Editor, Kathy Lo, Art direction and design, Fairchild Fries, Archivist, Jose Maldave; Scans and retouching, Alannah Farrell; Printing, Linco Printing and Publicide, Inc.

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