June 25, 2012
Watch: Speaking with John Hein & Aiden Andrews in Milan

John Hein (Ford Men) and then Aiden Andrews (Ford Men) speak with news editor Damien Neva outside Hotel Straf at via San Raffaele, 3 in Milan about their respective Spring 2013 fashion weeks. In his inaugural season not to mention his first time in Europe John recounts a harrowing, multi-taxi journey to make a 6 AM Bottega Veneta call time. Seasoned model Aiden on the other hand reflects what can only be billed as a triumphal return to the runway following injuries sustained from being hit by an automobile last December. Different, though John and Aiden might be in experience, both boast an unfettered confidence that will serve them well in the seasons to come.

One thought on “Watch: Speaking with John Hein & Aiden Andrews in Milan

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